Thursday, January 25, 2007

Principles of Anticipation

Recently, I was training at the beach and was approached by couple of Police Officers. I stopped while swinging few rounds with my sticks. The one of the officer (who happened to be a lady – she’s cute though) told at first that it’s dangerous on to carry weapons around in public areas. True, I knew the city ordinances that prohibits of carrying objects that maims, hurt or kills in Public areas such as the beaches. Though, I was there early in the morning of Saturday. Too early by the way… The lady officer was reaching a pen and paper to write down my name and where I live. So, without any restrains and confrontations, I gave my name and address! Little thing I know that the other officer asked me questions after the lady officer headed back to the car. Questions were, where can I train with you, how much do I pay per month and can I bring along friends over, what do we need to wear, what equipments we need to bring and so on. Oh yes, there is great anticipation here!

The principle was properly applied there because the Police Officer is interested in learning but anticipation floats all over him. Here’s another scenario, you’ve been given a series of work and extra work but you thought it was too much drills, exercises, and things that you never imagine that it would be completed in time allotted to you. Soon the exercises were done in timely manner but never thought it will be needed when the master gave an intellectual training to measure your knowledge and better understanding of the things you did. There are principles of anticipation that you get surprised not only to your physical ability but through understanding. You will never be completed if you anticipate the things that are asked. You can never be complete unless there is principles of anticipation.

More coming....

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